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Project Description

Coproject is a reference Silverlight application built on WCF RIA Services and Caliburn.Micro framework. It should demonstrate typical scenarios in business applications.

It is also considered a good Caliburn.Micro step-by-step tutorial.

Read how to establish Database Connection after you downloaded source codes.

Hands-on tutorial

Process of creating Coproject is tracked by blog posts on You can follow the blog posts or you can download source codes and get the application running without getting your hands dirty.

Part 0 - Prerequisites
Part 1 - Architecture and Database
Part 2 - Entity model and RIA Services
Part 3 - Caliburn.Micro set up
Part 4 - Modules location
Part 5 - Modules metadata
Part 6 - Data loading, coroutines
Part 7 - Filtering
Part 8 - Item detail
Part 9 - Toolbar, guards, dirty checking
Part 10 - Busy indication
Part 10.5 - Silvelright bug with BusyIndicator/ProgressBar
Part 11 - Event aggregator and icons
Part 12 - RIA Services metadata and Caliburn.Micro conventions
Part 13 - Lazy screen
Part 14 - Lazy conductor


Please, feel free to let us know what you think, what you would like to see, or whether you want to participate! Use either discussion here or comments at our blog.



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